Positioning Sensor


The Inspector P30 Positioning Sensor series from SICK (Minneapolis, MI) offers a flexible method for part location and provides a precise positioning point of a known target. The P30 reports the X, Y, and rotation angle of the taught part over TCP/IP Ethernet communication or via 4 digital switching outputs. When working with known objects, the user can add in “grip regions” to verify that part is unobstructed and can easily be picked by an automated picking system or robot. The Inspector P30 also adds functions for giving position information of irregular shaped objects, known as blob detection. This method allows users to work with objects that are less repeatable in shape, such as food picked from a belt. The user defines the criteria of the blob, including pixel intensity, area, number of blobs (min/max), and rotation angle. The P30 can then report the details of the blob to the user via TCP/IP. The Inspector P30 has integrated lighting and interchangeable lenses.

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