LADAR Distance Measurement System

altBridger Photonics (Bozeman, MT) has announced a new line of absolute distance measurement systems, called the SLM Series. These systems are capable of ultra-high resolution length and thickness measurements over both small and large stand-off distances. The fiber-based systems are capable of resolving multiple objects or surfaces along the same line of sight simultaneously. For precision LADAR applications over long ranges (up to >10 km), the SLM-L offers millimeter-level resolution (FWHM of range peak) and sub-millisecond acquisition time. The SLM-L can also provide micron-level precisions over short (<1 meter) distances for precision metrology and engineering applications. For even better resolution, the SLM-M (Beta Prototype Phase) is capable of sub-10-nanometer precisions with 20 Hz update rates. Photonics West Booth #5215

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