Tecplot Chorus™


Tecplot Chorus™ post-processing software from Tecplot, Bellevue, WA, allows engineers to discover trends and anomalies in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies with a large number of cases, and simultaneously see the underlying fluid-dynamic phenomena that cause these variations. The software analyzes from one to thousands of simulation cases at the same time and incorporates a simulation data management system for both test and computational data. Tecplot Chorus integrates analysis and quality assurance processes with features designed to manage, analyze, and visualize large amounts of metadata; identify trends and anomalies; and link them to the underlying physics. Uses can view 3D surfaces within a flow field with a single mouse click, including grid-works of actual computational data points on body surfaces, slices through a flow field, boundary surfaces, iso-surfaces, and streamlines. Users can filter and compare cases, and calculate differences between solutions or sets of solutions.

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