Robotic Camera

Vaddio (New Hope, MN) offers the ClearVIEW HD-19 PTZ robotic camera. The camera, eq - uipped with a 19x optical zoom lens, is built around a 1.3 mega - pixel, 1/3-Type Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor. Integrated SmartSHOT technology with AIP (Adjustable Image Processing) provides end user control of advanced imaging DSP (Digital Signal Processor) functions.

altOutputs include component HD in 1080p, 1080i, or 720p, and simultaneous SD video in 480i. SDI is also available with an optional Slot Card. Control runs via VISCA command protocol or the supplied IR remote. High-torque, micro-stepper precision robotics enable pan/tilt operation for camera movement and control. The HD-19 can be configured as a WallVIEW SR (Short-Range), WallVIEW DVI/HDMI, or WallVIEW CCU system.

The SR system provides power to the camera and component HD (or DVI/HDMI) video back to the Quick-Connect SR. With an additional CCU EZIM card, power, video, and control can be run up to 500 feet over CAT-5 cable. In addition, the CCU allows the user adjustable red and blue gain, pedestal, gamma, chroma, knee, and iris functions. Up to three scene settings can be stored in the CCU.

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