Display Wall-Controller Boards

Now available with Matrox Mura MPX Series display wall controller boards, the Matrox PowerDesk Edge Overlap feature from Matrox Graphics (Dorval, Quebec, Canada) provides seamless images over multi-projector setups, whether the projectors are in landscape or portrait mode, or positioned in horizontal and/or vertically-stacked configurations. Matrox Edge Overlap duplicates the GPU’s output edges, allowing projector edges to be physically overlapped with one another.

altEnabling the Edge Overlap feature on Mura MPX Series display wall controller boards provides multi-board support for greater scalability: up to 24 edge-overlapped projectors from a single system. Its unique board design also features universal input channel support, allowing users to capture up to four 1920 × 1200 digital or analog video signals per board from a variety of devices.

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