LED Driver

altAustriamicrosystems (Raleigh, NC) has announced a 30V, 40mA, 16-channel LED driver with 12-bit pulse width modulation (PWM), dot correction, and diagnostics. With a 30V LED supply voltage, the AS1121 reduces external support components and can therefore be used directly with 24V (or higher) supplies. The AS1121 features a 6- bit dot correction feature for full-color LED displays.

Each of the 16 channels can be individually adjusted by a 4096- step greyscale PWM brightness control running at 10 MHz, as well as by a 64-step constant-current sink for dot correction. The greyscale control and dot correction circuitry are accessible via the SPI-compatible serial interface. A single external resistor sets the maximum current value of all 16 channels. An open-LED detection function indicates a broken or disconnected LED at one or more of the outputs. Other features include an over-temperature signal and a power-down pin that can put the AS1121 LED driver IC into a 40 nA standby mode.

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