Polarization Crosstalk Analyzer

altGeneral Photonics (Chino, CA) has announced its PolaX™ (PXA-1000) distributed polarization crosstalk (x-talk) analyzer. The technology, an enhanced version of a white light interferometer, analyzes stress-induced polarization crosscoupling along a length of polarization maintaining (PM) fiber.

By reducing zero-order interference, multi-coupling interference, and resulting “ghost” peaks in the measured signal, PolaX identifies the magnitudes and locations of actual x-talk peaks. PolaX enables the use of the PM fiber itself as the sensing medium. No discrete sensing elements are required for installation and calibration. Because any mechanical disturbances to the PM fiber will cause polarization coupling, the analyzer can also be used as an intrusion detection system.

The device, which features an operating wavelength range of 1310 or 1550 nm, has a polarization x-talk dynamic range of 75 dB and a sensitivity of -95 dB. Polarization x-talk resolution and accuracy are 0.25 dB and 0.5 dB, respectively, and the PolaX’s operating temperature is 10- 50 °C. The analyzer also features a USB communications interface.

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