Inverter Drives

The 8400 HighLine inverter drives from Lenze Americas (Uxbridge, MA) feature integrated point-to-point positioning for up to 15 position destinations. The drives store the corresponding travel profiles directly in the inverter. They feature linear and S-shaped travel profiles, a touch probe function, and homing selectable for 14 nodes. A 2.5A digital output with integrated spark suppressor directly controls a 24V service brake.

The 8400 HighLine inverter drives.
Standard features include an integrated brake chopper, switching logic for spring-applied brakes, a plug-in memory module, and CANopen communications on board with baud rate up to 1000kbit/s. They are available in power ranges from 0.25 – 15 kW. They can be supplied with a Safe Torque Off module that complies with IEC 61508, En/IEC 62061, and SIL3.

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