Multi-Axis Motor Control

Maxon Motor USA (Fall River, MA) offers the EPOS2 36/2 multi-axis controller in a motherboard configuration that provides either a standalone multi-axis motor controller or one that can be integrated into the final product as a sub-board. Starting with 11 nodes connected together via CANopen, the snap-apart construction allows for multi-axis customization on a single board. Each node mates with an individual drive/controller and provides connection points. Standard cables are available. Two digital inputs and one digital output are mapped on the board, with an additional I/O expansion module as an option. USB and RS-232 communication modules are available.

altFunctions include speed and position feed-forward control, PVT Interpolated Position Mode, step and direction, point-to-point motor position control, torque control, electronic gearing, motor-holding brake control, position compare and position mark, and dual loop speed and position control.

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