REO (Boulder, CO) offers pentaprisms with coatings optimized for demanding laser applications, such as target designation and range finding. The pentaprisms feature dielectric antireflection and high-reflection coatings manufactured using ion beam sputtering (IBS) technology. The densified films exhibit laser damage characteristics of over 12 J/cm² in 20 nsec pulses at 1064nm. IBS technology also enables optical coatings with complex spectral characteristics, including multi-spectral operation, where high performance is required at several widely spaced wavelengths or wavelength bands (for example, both 1064nm and 1573nm).

altREO pentaprisms can be fabricated from a variety of materials suitable for the visible and near infrared spectral ranges, including fused silica, optical glasses, Si, Ge, ZnSe, and ZnS. Typical entrance-face size range is from 12mm to 25mm. These optics also feature low total wavefront distortion on transmission (< λ⁄4 at 633nm), laser grade surface quality (10-5), and high deviation accuracy (≤ 30 arc seconds).

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