LED Microscope System

Nikon Instruments (Melville, NY) has released the ECLIPSE Ci microscope series. The three-model line consists of the Ci-E, Ci-L, and Ci-S.

altIncorporating Eco-illumination, a power-saving LED optical system, the Ci- E and Ci-L models are three times brighter than that of the previous Nikon system; they also include a lifetime of 60,000 hours. In addition, the devices address color temperature changes that occur with halogen light sources. The LED illumination reduces IR associated with halogen light sources, minimizing eye strain.

User-defined light intensity for each magnification is also automatically reproduced when switching between magnifications. An image-capture button lets users take an image without removing their eyes from the eyepieces. The angle and proximity of the eyepiece tube and the height of the stage handle can be adjusted to reflect each user’s physical size or general observation posture.

In addition, a scratch-resistant ceramic coating has been added to the stage. The stage handle remains in a fixed position, allowing hand and body positions to remain constant and in line with the instrument. The Ci’s digital imaging system features an advanced tool menu for annotations, measurements, and split-screen capability for live comparisons. Clinicians are able to share images over their network or internet through firmware.

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