DC Servo Motors

The Series 3400, 4400, and 5400 Pittman® slotless, brushless DC servo motors from AMETEK Technical and Industrial Products (Kent, OH) are available in three frame sizes: NEMA 14, 17, and 23. They incorporate 3-phase slotless stators, 4-pole rotors, and neodymium magnets. The motors can achieve maximum continuous torque up to 43 oz-in, depending on the model. All versions feature internal Hall-sensor feedback motor commutation, high starting torque, and variable speed control with appropriate drive electronics.

altOther standard features include shielded ball bearings and precision-ground hardened stainless steel shafts. Options include gearboxes, encoders, drives, and brakes. Modifications to the motor shaft, winding, and mechanical mounting allow for application-specific customization.

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