Bitwise Systems (Goleta, CA) has announced their new Model QMUX16X2 Multiplexer designed to permit test and measuring equipment to connect to many signals. QMUX can measure two selected signals at the same time. The multiplexer features 16 inputs and 2 outputs and can be powered and controlled by a single, full-speed USB 2.0 compliant port. The multiplexer uses low-power reed relays and a USB controller in a DIN rail mount enclosure. It is suited to single or differential signals less than 10 MHz. Because the QuickMux uses mechanical reed relays, you can use it as a de-multiplexer as well as a multiplexer. The de-multiplexing capabilities of the QMUX16X2 permits two input channels and can be connected to any of the sixteen output channels on a standard 40-pin IDC header.

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