Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner

altUS Conec (Hickory, NC) has announced immediate availability of the IBC™ Brand Cleaner M250 for 2.5mm ferrule fiber optic connectors featuring the largest cleaning region commercially available. The M250 tool cleans SC, ST, FC and E2000 connectors and most hardened 2.5mm connectors used in harsh environment applications including the MIL DTL 83526. The tool uses a 1.8mm synthetic, microfiber woven cloth that will not scratch the fiber endface surface while removing dust particulates and liquid residues. The spring loaded tip of the M250 ensures the optimal compression range providing a flawless contact to the center of UPC and APC polished ferrules. An integrated magnet on the housing of the M250 gives the operator a hands free option by sticking the M250 tool to a rack or panel door during inspection or testing.

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