Brushless Motor/Drives


Dunkermotoren USA (Elgin, IL) has introduced the BG75 series modular brushless permanent magnet motors driven by an integrated servo motor drive. The series is composed of 2.95" squared high-power-density motors in three stack lengths. The motor peak torque varies from 22.1 in-lb for the BG75×25, to 44.2 in-lb for the BG75x50, and up to 55.7 in-lb for the largest model, the BG75×75. Axial lengths are 4.53", 5.51", and 6.5", respectively. The modular construction of the series is available with integral electronic drive and precision position encoder with 4,096 counts. The power electronics provide a range of input voltages from 10 to 50VDC, and deliver up to 50A peak. Available communication protocols are CANopen and Profibus.

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