Integrated Composites Solution

VISTAGY, Inc. (Waltham, MA) and ANSYS (Canonsburg, PA) introduce integrated ANSYS® 13.0 Composite PrepPost™ and FiberSIM® 2010 composites engineering software. This bi-directional integration, enabled by FiberSIM’s Analysis Interface, allows customers to exchange detailed layup information between design and analysis quickly and accurately. As a result, users can optimize parts, assemblies, and structures more efficiently.

With composites quickly becoming more prominent in a variety of industries, the bi-directional solution allows stress engineers and designers to expeditiously exchange accurate composites data for laminate plies and fiber orientations. Customers can conduct a faster and more iterative process for optimizing composite parts, ensure there is no disconnect between part certification and manufacturing since layup details can be validated by ANSYS Composite PrepPost, and be confident that the analysis of the design model is accurate.

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