Digital High-Speed Camera

altVision Research, Wayne, NJ, has released the 4000 ISO-rated Phantom® v341 high-speed camera. The v341 incorporates a 4-megapixel, 35mm format sensor and almost 3 gigapixels/second throughput, offering rates of 800 frames per second. The camera, which has shutter speeds down to 1 microsecond, features a 2560 × 1600 pixel CMOS sensor. The "range ready" camera also works with timecode in/out (IRIG or SMPTE) and Range Data input, allowing the user to capture azimuth and elevation data for each frame. New reflective color, remote current session references (CSR) through software control, and an optional Canon EOS lens mount enable remote control. The camera also features an internal mechanical shutter, image-based auto-trigger, optional on-camera controls, and CineMag interface. The camera is coupled with 2.5 microsecond straddle time, and the Burst Acquisition Mode takes a user-selected number of frames after receiving a single frame synchronization pulse; the feature simplifies timing setups for repetitive events such as combustion cycles. With dual power inputs, data protection is ensured via optional battery backup in case of power failure.

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