Inspection Station

altThe LF210 Inspection Station from Prior Scientific (Rockland, MA) is an automated inspection platform suitable for most industrial samples with moderate to high reflectivity. Samples placed on the inspection station’s motorized stage may be inspected manually using the ProScan joystick or auto-matically inspected using one of many imaging software packages commercially available. The heart of the LF210 inspection station is Prior’s LF210 Laser Autofocus module. Ideally suited for reflective specimens, the optical design eliminates the need to manually adjust the focus trim and loop gain. The Inspection Station comes standard with Prior’s high precision motorized XY stage with 40 nanometer resolution, Mitutoyo VMU assembly with four position nosepiece, 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X objectives and a powerful 150 watt fiber optic illuminator.

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