Industrial Femtosecond Lasers

altThe D2.fs from RPMC (O’Fallon, MO) is an industrial femtosecond laser available at 4W and 10W with pulse widths as short as 400fs at rep rates up to 200 kHz. The D2.fs produces a maximum energy of 200uJ at 50 kHz and 100uJ at 100 kHz with an emission wavelength of 1030nm. The D2.fs incorporates the use of a fiber seed oscillator and produces ultra-short pulses with high energy and consistent high beam quality. The D2.fs is suitable for micromachining, spectroscopy and other scientific applications where peak energy and precision are needed. The high rep rates combined with the high beam quality make the D2.fs a superior tool for micromachining and micro structuring of materials without causing thermal side effects.

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