Linear Motor Tables

altThe Dover (Westborough, MA) MMG Mini-Mag line of precision linear motor tables are now available in aluminum-based versions with an optional single phase motor to reduce controller complexity, system footprint and cost. For XY sample positioning, sustained throughput of up to 2,000 moves per minute is possible. For focal plane definition, the optimum Z position of the magnifying objective is determined, and the vertical objective positioning moves (<5um) are often accomplished in <20ms, which can occur in parallel with the XY positioning motion. During frame capture, in-position stability is vital to producing quality images, and MMG provides position stability typically less than 100nm. Four options, with 25mm, 50mm 100mm or 150mm travel, are currently available. Each model is capable of repeatability to ±0.4um (with 0.1um or better encoder) and is rated for 8kg load capacity.

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