RTL Exploration Solution

Synopsys, Inc. (Mountain View, CA) has introduced DC Explorer, the latest addition to the Galaxy™ Implementation platform, to speed up development of high-quality design data. DC Explorer delivers 5X faster runtime and 10 percent timing and area correlation to DC Ultra™ RTL Synthesis. It also tolerates incomplete design data and therefore can be used very early in the design flow to guide the development of high-quality RTL and constraints, enabling a highly convergent design flow.

DC Explorer provides designers with the RTL exploration capabilities they need, helping them to efficiently identify potential design improvements and issues prior to implementation. When the input RTL, constraints, and library models available are incomplete, DC Explorer generates comprehensive reports on what needs to be completed and fixed, speeding up the process of design creation. Script compatibility with Design Compiler® RTL Synthesis makes DC Explorer very easy to use and deploy into existing customer flows.

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