NASA's New Lander Prototype Passes Tests

NASA engineers successfully integrated and completed system testing on a new robotic lander at Teledyne Brown Engineering’s facility in Huntsville, AL, in support of the Robotic Lunar Lander Project at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville. The lander prototype was placed on modified skateboards and a customized track system as a low-cost solution to control movement during final testing of the prototype’s sensors, onboard computer, and thrusters. The functional test focused on ensuring that all system components work seamlessly to sense, communicate, and command the lander’s movements. altThe lander prototype will aid NASA’s development of a new generation of small, smart, versatile landers for airless bodies such as the Moon and asteroids. The lander’s design allows precision landing in high-risk, but high-priority areas, enabling NASA to achieve scientific and exploration goals in previously unexplored locations.

For more information on the Robotic Lunar Lander Development Project, visit www.nasa.gov/roboticlander.

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