NASA Uses Emergency Notification System to Communicate With Personnel

The Communicator!® NXT™ emergency notification system
Cassidian Communications (an EADS North America company)
Temecula, CA

NASA has used The Communicator!® NXT™ emergency notification system from Cassidian Communications to successfully send over 102,000 combined email and SMS messages to personnel in under 20 minutes. The notification was immediately followed up with a survey to determine the safety status of the personnel and ensure the contact information was correct, which was completed in less than 25 minutes. This deployment was the last step required for NASA’s scope of work, and completes the integration of the system into the agency’s emergency management and response strategy.


In July of 2010, Cassidian was awarded a five-year contract with NASA to provide the system. Since that time, the company’s notification solutions and services engineers have worked to develop specific features and functionality to meet the stringent demands of NASA.

The system resides in Cassidian’s ISO-certified and SAS 70-audited hosting centers, giving NASA secure access to sophisticated infrastructure for notification. Through these geographically diverse facilities, application resiliency and data redundancy will assure round-the-clock readiness for rapid, accurate communication.

NASA is one of the first federal agencies to share dedicated hosted services by implementing the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering. In the event of an emergency, NASA’s integrated Emergency Notification & Account ability System (ENS) quickly notifies affected persons, allowing NASA to account for status, ensuring consistent system-wide capabilities and enabling cross-center support.

The company also supplies NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center with its Sentinel® emergency call processing solution. Kennedy Space Center uses the system to facilitate 9-1-1 emergency call-taking and dispatch processes. The system provides Automatic Number Identification/Automatic Location Identification (ANI/ALI) capabilities and integrated Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). Allowing for single-button call transfers, extensive speed dial, call conferencing and automatic setup, dynamic status update of all active calls, and more, its use enables fast, efficient emergency response for safeguarding Kennedy Space Center personnel.

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