Space Environments Testbed

The Space Environments Testbed (SET) is a flight controller data system for the Common Carrier Assembly. The SET-1 flight software provides the command, telemetry, and experiment control to ground operators for the SET-1 mission. Modes of operation (see diagram) include:

Mode State Diagram." class="caption" align="right">• Boot Mode that is initiated at application of power to the processor card, and runs memory diagnostics. It may be en tered via ground command or auton omously based upon fault detection.

• Maintenance Mode that allows for limited carrier health monitoring, including power telemetry monitoring on a noninterference basis.

• Safe Mode is a predefined, minimum power safehold configuration with power to experiments removed and carrier functionality minimized. It is used to troubleshoot problems that occur during flight.

• Operations Mode is used for normal experiment carrier operations. It may be entered only via ground command from Safe Mode.

This work was done by David K. Leucht and Anne Marie J. Koslosky of Goddard Space Flight Center; David L. Kobe and Jya-Chang C. Wu of The Hammers Co.; and David A. Vavra of STG, Inc. GSC-15821-1

This Brief includes a Technical Support Package (TSP).

Space Environments Testbed (reference GSC-15821-1) is currently available for download from the TSP library.

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