Adaptive Membranes for Comfortable Protective Wear

This dual-membrane technology provides apparel with a high degree of comfort, passing air and water vapor easily. The garment (or survival enclosure) can instantly be made impervious with the flip of a switch on the belt-mounted power pack. The garment can be toggled between high comfort and high protection modes quickly and repeatedly, depending on the environmental conditions. A voltage is required to maintain one of the states. These garments are ideal for situations where the environment is usually normal but can rapidly change to hazardous, such as first responders, HAZMAT teams, hospital personnel, militia, or chemical plant workers.

The fabric consists of two membranes sometimes separated by a free space. Each membrane has an array of holes, and the holes from one membrane are not aligned with the holes of the other membrane. In the protective state, the membranes are tightly squeezed together so that gases cannot travel from the holes in one membrane to the other.

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