Goniometric Radiometer

The LD8900 Goniometric Radiometer from Ophir Photonics Group (Logan, UT) makes X-Y, holographic, and 3D measurements without moving either the detector or the source. The design allows the farfield profiler to characterize and confirm the divergence of light passing through holographic materials, such as those used for computer display screens, smartphones, and instrument panels. The 3D capability of the LD8900 makes it possible to measure radially symmetric divergences or angularly different types.

altThe LD8900 has a dynamic range of >24dB, while the LD8900R has a dynamic range of >36dB, providing greater detail in the “tails” of the far-field pattern. The LDR8900R also offers real-time measurements of Mode Field Diameter (MFD) in single-mode optical fibers; its angular field of view is 144° with a resolution of 0.055°. In addition to measuring diffusion materials, the LD8900 can be used to optimize gradient index (GRIN) lenses and measure laser diodes at any stage in their manufacture.

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