Thermal Surveillance Cameras

altVumii (Atlanta, GA) has added four thermal camera lines to its imaging solutions portfolio: CompactSec™, EyeSec™, DualSec™, and RangeSec™. The IP-enabled CompactSec thermal camera is available in three models: 8.5mm lens for 65° field of view; 19mm lens for 28° field of view; and 35mm lens for 15° field of view. The EyeSec, a line of uncooled thermal cameras, has a wide variety of lens and resolution configurations, including a 15-100mm continuous zoom model. The camera provides thermal video through darkness, light fog, or smoke. The EyeSec line features IP or analog communication options with 320 x 240 25μ or 640 x 480 17μ resolution. The DualSec dual-video (thermal and visual) channel pan tilt camera system allows mediumrange observation and detection. The RangeSec imager, a high-sensitivity, cooled midwave (3-5 μm) thermal camera, utilizes a 19mm to 275mm continuous zoom (29° to 2° field-ofview) or a 47.5mm to 687mm continuous zoom lens (12° to 0.8° field-of-view).

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