Ultra-Low Phase Noise Clock Oscillator

altCrystek Corporation (Fort Myers, FL) has launched the CCHD-957, a new Ultra- Low Phase Noise HCMOS Clock Oscillator with standby mode, featuring an extremely low close-in phase noise of -100 dBc/Hz @ 10Hz offset and a typical noise floor of -170 dBc/Hz @ 100kHz offset. The CCHD-957 also features a “Standby Function” – when placed in disable mode, the internal oscillator is completely shut down and its output buffer is placed in Tri-State. This family is housed in a 9x14mm SMT package and operates with a +3.3V power supply consuming 15mA of current. Stability is rated at 20-50ppm (0°C to +70°C) and ±25-50ppm (-40°C to +85°C). The CCHD-957 generates frequencies between 10MHz and 50MHz. Its output driver is capable of driving ±24mA, translating to a rise/fall time of ~3nsec Max at 20% to 80% Vcc with a 15pF load.

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