Oscilloscope Adapter for PCs

altSaelig Company (Pittsford, NY) has announced availability of the MSO-28, a new USB-powered, entry-level mixed-signal 60MHz oscilloscope adapter for PCs. This scope adapter combines a two-channel oscilloscope with a synchronous 8 channel logic analyzer, sampling at 200MSa/s (5ns). Simultaneously-clocked analog waveforms and digital data can now be displayed in phase on the same screen with the easy-to-use FrontPanel software. The MSO-28's advanced triggering options include: oscilloscope (analog) trigger: rising/falling edge and pulse width; logic analyzer trigger: 8 bit trigger word; SPI trigger (32-bit trigger word); I2C trigger (32-bit trigger word) or any of the logic lines. The 200MSa/s sample rate and 60MHz bandwidth allows capturing a 60MHz signal in single shot mode, or even faster repetitive signals, with an effective repetitive sampling rate of 1GSa/s.

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