Machine Automation Controller

Omron Industrial Automation (Schaumburg, IL) has released the NJ-Series Machine Automation Controller (MAC) that integrates multiple, specialized controllers (motion, logic, sequence, vision, operator safety, and RFID tracking) with system synchronization on a single controller. The system features access to one connection to networks optimized for factory automation information (Ethernet/IP) and real-time machine control for motion, vision, sensors, and actuators (EtherCAT). The MAC features a real-time scheduler to manage motion, network, and the user application updates at the same time.

altThe MAC was designed to be a high-speed motion and I/O controller with the ability to change servo parameters on the fly, integrate vision data, and keep servo motor shafts synchronized. A single software tool, Sysmac Studio SE200D, eliminates separate software products and integrates motion, sequencing, networking, RFID tracking, and vision inspection.

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