Organic Solar Cell Initiative

Imec (Leuven, Belgium) has announced the European FP7 project X10D, an initiative aimed at developing tandem organic solar cells with an increased conversion efficiency and lifetime. The ultimate goal of the X10D project is to introduce organic photovoltaic technologies (OPV) into the thin-film PV market.

altBy applying new designs and architectures, materials, and manufacturing technologies, the X10D project aims at increasing the power conversion efficiency to at least 12% on the cell level (1cm²), and 9% on the module level (100 cm²). Moreover, the X10D project has set its goal to guarantee a minimum of 20 years lifetime for OPV modules on glass, and 10 years on foil, and to decrease the cost below 0.70 euros/Watt-peak.

For Free Info Visit: http://info.hotims.com/40431-212

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