Custom Optical Mirrors

Precision Glass & Optics (Santa Ana, CA) recently provided optical mirrors that are integrated into a 360-degree high definition (HD) video camera system developed by Social Animal (www.socialanimal.tv). The SA360 Video Camera System offers 2K resolution, cinema-quality footage, captured simultaneously and stitched together to create a 360-degree panoramic view.

altThe system includes nine HD cameras, which are paired with trapezoidal mirrors. The MAL203 mirrors are front surface aluminized on select float glass. They are accurately positioned above each camera lens, fanning out around the circumference of the camera rig. The aluminum is overcoated with dielectric layers to enhance reflectivity and protect against heat, humidity, and abrasion. Standard visible reflection is greater than 94 percent at 550nm for 45 degrees, and reflection is greater than 90 percent for S&P polarization at 550nm, 15 degrees through 45 degrees.

For Free Info Visit: http://info.hotims.com/40431-213

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