Non-Contact Laser Scanner

ROMER (North Kingstown, RI) has announced the CMS108, a non-contact laser scanner available for its portable coordinate measuring machines. The CMS108 mounts with a kinematic joint to the seven-axis ROMER portable CMMs, which include the Absolute Arm SE and the Infinite 2.0 SC Arm.

altThe scanner has an accuracy of 20 microns. Flying dot technology allows the laser scanner to detect changes in color and surfaces via their reflectivity. An operator can scan traditionally difficult finishes without making manual exposure adjustments, and the laser scanner can transition from matte to shiny features without additional calibration. With 3 different line widths and differing point densities, the CMS108 is able to perform inspection routines on small intricate parts and large surfaces.

The CMS108 is currently available for the seven-axis Absolute Arm SE with measuring ranges of 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, and 4.5 meters. The sensor can also be added as an upgrade to the seven-axis Infinite 2.0 SC Arm.

For Free Info Visit: http://info.hotims.com/40431-218

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