Near-Infrared Camera

The Piranha HS NIR Line Scan Camera from Teledyne DALSA (Billerica, MA) features improved sensitivity in near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths from 700 to 1050 nanometers. The Piranha HS NIR, which includes time delay and integration (TDI) technology, meets the requirements of low light applications such as solar cell inspection, PCB / electronics inspection, large web applications, and food/drug inspection.

altThe camera operates using selectable TDI stages, up to a maximum of 256, and has an area mode of operation for ease of alignment. The device can be programmed with up to four user sets of coefficients, and can utilize mirroring control, forward/reverse control, and flat field correction. The enhanced sensitivity in NIR and 256 TDI stages provide electroluminescence at 1000 nm wavelengths of light, A320 Mpix/s throughput, and 34.3 kHz line rate.

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