Measurement Machine Software

HEIDENHAIN (Schaumburg, IL) has released the IK5000 version 2.96 PC-based QUADRA-CHEK Metrology software for inspection measurement machines. It performs 2D and 3D measuring tasks and offers functionality such as 3D profiling capabilities for measurement and graphic evaluation of 3D contours using multisensor and tactile measuring machines. This new option imports a 3D CAD file (either STEP or IGES) and compares it with the actual measured part.

altImprovements were also added to radial and palletize methods of automatic part programming routines. These methods help users when there are common features or parts that repeat angularly, around a datum, or based on a palletized grid layout. On video-based inspection machines, these improvements will retain specific video tool sizes and the positions needed for these measurements, and then repeat them based on the angle they are located around the datum or in reference to a linear layout. The palletize grid functionality allows users to graphically select which parts in the grid are required for measurement, and only run the program in those locations.

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