UV Zoom Lens

Resolve Optics Ltd (Chesham, UK) supplies a lightweight version of the 80-200mm focal length UV Zoom lens, developed for use with its Digital Cerenkov Viewing Device (DCVD). The DCVD, equipped with UV Zoom lens, captures the Cerenkov image of spent nuclear fuel for analysis and comparison.

altThe DCVD UV Zoom lens is wavelength-corrected to view a nuclear fuel assembly situated 13 meters away from the lens and through 10 meters of water. The UV Zoom lens operates from 10 to 55°C. Miniature motors allow accurate remote setting of both zoom and focus functions. A filter slide was also incorporated in the design, enabling the lens to be switched between UV (270 to 350nm) and visible (400 to 700nm) without the need to refocus the lens. A lockable C mount ensures the lens cannot come loose during operation.

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