Servo Drives

AMK Drives and Controls (Richmond, VA) offers the AMKASMART iC servo drives for single-axis machines and modular machine configurations. The compact drives for closed-loop control of servomotors up to 10 kW peak power can be installed almost anywhere in a machine. The drives come equipped with 3x 400VAC supply, mains filter, brake chopper, and 24VDC power supply unit. Convection cooling, an integrated fan, or cold plate installation are available.

If several axes are operated, the power supply can be looped through, reducing cabling. Real-time Ethernet communication via EtherCAT or Sercos III enables the drives to be used in industrial applications. Five multifunctional I/Os are available for direct connection of sensors and actuators to the machine. Each drive has Safe Torque Off (STO) capability as a standard feature.

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