Spindle Drive

The GP16 precision spindle drive from maxon motor (Fall River, MA) incorporates a spindle combined with a DC motor to transform rotary motion into axial motion. Gearheads, motors, encoders, and controllers are used to drive the spindles. It is available in a metric M6 spindle with a self-locking function, or a 5-mm ball screw for high load capacity and no self-locking feature. A central component is the axial bearing, which must withstand the high tractive and compressive forces of the spindle.

altFor the planetary gearhead, 14 different reduction ratios are available, from 4.4 to 850:1. Depending on the reduction ratio and the type of spindle, this makes feed forces between 35 and 370 N possible. Nine different brushed and brushless motors may be used to drive the system. These motors may also be equipped with compatible sensors (encoders). EPOS positioning controllers are recommended for controlling the motor-sensor combination. These controllers feature a wide range of functions as well as CANopen or EtherCat.

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