Ball Bearing

Bishop-Wisecarver Corp. (Pittsburg, CA) has announced The Radial Wheel, a single-row, deep-groove ball bearing designed for applications with specified radial loading conditions. The wheel enables reliable motion in environments exposed to debris such as sawdust or grit. The bearings make it possible to convey heavy loads without additional capabilities unnecessary to the application requirements. The 90-degree vee-groove bearings work in finished products like sliding wall panels and motorized doors and windows.

altThe wheels come in carbon steel or stainless steel, and in three primary sizes with outside diameters ranging from 0.774 to 1.803". All sizes can travel at speeds up to 5.5 meters a second. The custom- designed ball bearing was made for use with the 90-degree running surface of the vee edge track, a linear bearing raceway with polished running surfaces.

For More Information Visit http://info.hotims.com/40436-319

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