Crystal Instruments Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) has introduced the Spider-81, a modular, distributed, scalable vibration control system with centralized DSP architecture and operation via PC, WiFi-enabled PDA, or iPad. It directly integrates time-synchronized Ethernet connectivity with an embedded DSP centralized architecture. Its patented dual A/D design enables it to achieve a 130-dB input dynamic range. Each measurement channel can detect signals ranging from 6 μV to 20V, with a design that eliminates the need for the input range or gain settings found on traditional controllers.

It integrates an IEPE output, charge amplifier, AC/DC coupling, and Transducer Electronic Data Sheet capabilities per IEEE P1451.1 standards, facilitating its use within larger channel-count applications. Builtin isolated digital I/O and RS-485 serial ports allow for interface with other hardware. A ten-pin D-SUB connection allows for indepen dent monitoring of analog signal on both inputs and outputs. Hardware includes voltage, charge, and IEPE transducer inputs, making it suitable for use with a variety of sensor types. The system’s internal flash memory stores test configuration data for control of up to hundreds of channels simultaneously with real-time analysis and recording.

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