Imaging Sensor

OmniVision Technologies (Santa Clara, CA) offers the OV12830, a 12.7-megapixel CameraChip™ sensor designed to meet the image and video recording standards of smartphones and tablets. The OV12830 utilizes the OmniBSI- 2 pixel architecture to capture 1080p high definition (HD) video at 60 frames per second (FPS).

The sensor supports an active array of 4,224 x 3,000 pixels (12-megapixel) operating at 24 FPS, and 4,224 x 2,376 pixels (10-megapixel in a 16:9 aspect ratio) at 30 FPS, minimizing shutter lag from shot-to-shot. An on-chip RAW scaler allows the sensor to record video at 30 FPS while maintaining full field of view.

Additionally, the OV12830 is capable of capturing video with increased sensitivity for low-light recording, and at 60 FPS with additional pixels for EIS. The sensor provides alternate row output from full-resolution at two different exposures, enabling high-dynamic range (HDR) still or video recording. The OV12830 comes in die format with industry standard 4-lane MIPI interface connectivity.

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