Human-Machine Interface

The HMI5121P from Maple Systems (Everett, WA) is equipped with a bright 12.1" TFT touchscreen; up to 16.2 million colors can be shown on the 1024 × 768-pixel display. The model has a 800- MHz microprocessor, designed for graphic animation and heavy data processing.

altThe HMIs connect to PLCs through two serial ports, USB ports, a CAN bus port, and an Ethernet port. The EZwarePlus configuration software enables the importing of tag data. Two video input ports allow two motion cameras for remote monitoring, and video files can be played using the built-in media player for training or instructional purposes.

The EZwarePlus configuration software has also increased recipe functionality, advanced macro support, and diagnostic tools. Security options manage user accounts and privilege settings, and remote monitoring and control of the HMI can be configured from any networked PC. The HMI also supports VNC (Virtual Network Computing) to monitor from a handheld device or smartphone.

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