Optical Matrix Switch

Polatis (Andover, MA) has introduced its Series 6000 Optical Matrix Switch — a non-blocking, all-optical single-mode fiber cross-connect for up to 192x192 fiber ports. The switch features less than 1dB typical optical loss. The Series 6000, based on Polatis’ patented DirectLight® optical switch technology, doubles the maximum matrix size previously available from Polatis.

altThe DirectLight® beam-steering technology uses piezoelectric actuators to connect light directly between switch ports. The Series 6000 switch enhances network availability by enabling fast automatic recovery from network equipment or fiber failures. DirectLight® allows optical connections to be established with or without light on the fiber, enabling pre-provisioning of dark fiber paths for disaster recovery, M:N protection switching, and intelligent network monitoring and test. DirectLight ® supports transparent, protocol-agnostic connections, and can switch bi-directional and transient signals used in FTTx access networks and other transmission systems.

The Series 6000 optical switch features a control architecture with dual redundant control interfaces and power systems. Network interfaces provide support for SNMP, TL1, and SCPI protocols to allow seamless integration with higher-level management systems. A web browser GUI enables setup, provisioning, monitoring, and control.

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