Digital Laser Diode Driver

altPortable Power Systems (St. Louis, MO) has expanded its line of Digital Laser Diode Drivers by offering the new series of PPS drivers, which are offered in CW, Pulsed or CW/Pulsed versions. The pulsed versions have rise times of <10 seconds and the CW versions reach maximum current in less than 100 seconds. Voltages up to 250 Volts and currents up to 500 Amps are available. All units have EE Prom memory that allows the user to store and recall up to 16 sets of parameters such as Current, Pulse width, and Frequency on pulsed units and Current on CW units. Communications can be from the front panel, Analog, RS-232, or USB formats. Fault alerts include Open Load, Over Voltage, Over Current, Laser Over Temperature (optional), Driver Over Temperature, Remote Interlock, Coolant Interlock, and Emergency Stop.

For Free Info Visit http://info.hotims.com/40437-211

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