Single-Frequency, 1,064-nm Laser Designed for Space LIDAR

Redfern Integrated Optics was awarded a Phase 2 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract for further development of its single-frequency, narrow- linewidth semiconductor laser technology in the 1,064-nm spectral region, suitable for spaceflight operation. The external-cavity semiconductor laser is packaged in a standard 14-pin compact “butterfly” package, and produces a single- frequency output with a linewidth less than 2 kHz, ultra-low phase and relative intensity noise, and high immunity to vibrations, all under a wide range of operating temperatures.

alt“Our partnership with NASA in the development of laser sources for nextgeneration space LIDAR instruments has reached a new stage with this award, which will enable RIO to expand its narrow- linewidth laser product line to 1,064 nm,” said Dr. Radu Barsan, chairman, president, and CEO of RIO.

The company’s PLANEX™, ORION™, and RIO-Grande™ lasers are suitable for multiple applications where absolute accuracy, lifetime reliability over demanding field conditions, and high resolution are critical, including remote sensing; distributed temperature, strain, or acoustic fiber optic monitoring; highresolution spectroscopy; LIDAR; and other precision metrology applications.

Single-frequency, narrow-linewidth semiconductor laser
Redfern Integrated Optics
Santa Clara, CA

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