Piezoelectric-Actuated Valves Bring Accuracy to Process Control Systems

The PACE Hf, a high-flow proportional valve utilizing a Parker Advanced Technology actuator, delivers 180 slpm of air at 30 psi. The product has low power requirements: steadystate 0.6 Watts max, cycling 15 Hz, 1.2 Watts. The Viva piezoelectric actuator provides repeatability and accuracy for the valve of 0.25% variability in 10 ms cycle times.

The PACE Hf valve with the microPD controller driver controls hysteresis within the flow to ±5%. Additionally, the PACE Hf valve has internal capability to operate as a closed loop control valve via input sensor. The device offers precise actuation at low current drops — 6.8V at 1.5mA — so that a single bus can operate multiple control valves. In some installations, as many as 16 devices can operate from the same bus. The PACE Hf features a wide control range under varying inlet pressures up to 100 psi.

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