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NASA Studies Benefits of Exercise for Astronauts and Public

The 20-G Centrifuge facility at NASA Ames has a radius of 29 feet and is human-rated to 12.5 G. (NASA)NASA's Ames Research Center in California has teamed with the University of Kentucky in Lexington and Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, to study ways to reduce adverse effects of space travel on an astronaut’s health. The study is being done on the 20-G Centrifuge at Ames, a machine that creates artificial gravity forces by spinning, and that can simulate up to 20 times the normal forces of gravity experienced on Earth.

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How Much Financing Does Your Growing Company Need?

How much money will your growing company need? The answer is, you want enough investment to grow the company to its potential, yet do not want to over-fund, giving up too much equity. You cannot raise funds without a reasonable estimate of what you need.

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Multiaxis, Lightweight, Computer-Controlled Exercise System

This system offers unprecedented versatility for physical conditioning and evaluation The multipurpose, multiaxial, isokinetic dynamometer (MMID) is a computer-controlled system of exercise machinery that can serve as a means for quantitatively assessing a subject’s muscle coordination, range of motion, strength, and overall physical condition with respect to a wide variety of forces, motions, and exercise regimens. The MMID is easily reconfigurable and compactly stowable and, in comparison with prior computer-controlled exercise systems, it weighs less, costs less, and offers more capabilities.

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NEiNastran V9

Noran Engineering, Westminster, CA, has released NEiNastran V9 finite element analysis (FEA) software for engineering analysis and simulation. Performance enhancements include added support for model input files over 10 million lines in size, an enhanced Lanczos eigensolver, and improved performance for models with composite laminates and large numbers of plies where individual ply results are requested. The software also features new parabolic shell elements, automated super-element analysis, automated surface contact and weld generation, 3D composites using solid elements, vibration fatigue analysis, combined qualitative/quantitative result assessment, and an enhanced Nastran Editor that includes a fully automated HTML report generator, shear flow plots, assignment plots, and an enhanced X-Y plotting interface. The software is available for Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms.

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Dr. Jeff Jones, Lead for Exploration Medical Operations

NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX Dr. Jeff JonesAt remote sites, the International Space Station, or missions to the Moon or Mars, illness and injury can be extremely serious. Far from hospitals, scientists and astronauts may find themselves dealing with medical situations for which they have no training. Telemedicine enables doctors and technicians to talk personnel through complex procedures and provide the care needed, via radio or satellite. Dr. Jeff Jones leads NASA’s telemedicine program, developed for a number of remote NASA projects, to administer medical care over long distances.

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Electromechanical System Provides Satellite Propulsion

Cold Gas Micro Thruster (CGMT) Marotta Controls Montville, NJ 973-334-7800 www.marotta.com

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Analysis Software Plans Inter-Planetary Trajectory Maneuvers

Satellite Tool Kit (STK) data analysis software Analytical Graphics (AGI) Exton, PA 610-981-8000 www.agi.com

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