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Computer Chips Calculate and Store in an Integrated Unit
Electron-to-Photon Communication for Quantum Computing
Mechanoresponsive Healing Polymers
Variable Permeability Magnetometer Systems and Methods for Aerospace Applications
Evaluation Standard for Robotic Research
Small Robot Has Outstanding Vertical Agility
Smart Optical Material Characterization System and Method
Lightweight, Flexible Thermal Protection System for Fire Protection


The MathWorks, Natick, MA, has released Simscape™ software for modeling and simulating multidomain physical systems. Employing a physical network approach to model building, Simscape allows engineers to describe the physical structure of a system, rather than the underlying mathematics. From the model, the software automatically constructs equations that characterize the behavior of the system, and integrates them with the rest of the model. It provides libraries of fundamental elements from electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical domains that can be combined in a single environment. Engineers can convert models into C code using Real-Time Workshop® to run models in real time and perform hardware-in-the-loop testing. For Free Info

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This Month in NASA History

This year, as NASA celebrates its 50th anniversary, we’ll be highlighting technology innovations and important moments in NASA history, leading to our special 50th Anniversary Issue in October.

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Medical Category Winner, "Create the Future" 2007 Design Contest

(Winner of an HP Workstation)3D Ultrasonic Neuronavigation System for Image-Guided Brain SurgeryAjay MahajanSouthern Illinois University CarbondaleMurphysboro, ILThis GPS-like system could help surgeons navigate through the brain to find and remove everything from tumors to bullet fragments easily, cheaply, and with hardly any cutting. The ultrasonic-based locational system was designed with neurosurgeon Sumeer Lal.

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Consumer Products Category Winner, "Create the Future" 2007 Design Contest

Winner of an HP WorkstationLED Cocoon Tent LED strips are sewn into the tent seams, and the light is turned on and off with a small button inside the tent, or remotely.Stephen BoyntonOrem, UTOutdoor camping tents have used the zipper as the solution to opening and closing the tent since the zipper was invented. Even before the zipper was applied, campers used candles, lanterns, flashlights, and finally headlamps to give visibility to the dark shadows of a tent interior. The LED Cocoon Tent is a solution to the issues of jammed, snagged, worn out zippers and low visibility inside a tent at night.

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Safety & Security Category Winner, "Create the Future" 2007 Design Contest

Winner of an HP Workstation Personnel Beacon/Locator for Mine Workers Joseph HollmannSpectral BiopsyKansas City, MOWhen trapped, miners are instructed to create noise by tapping on surrounding metal pipes and stone. However, rescuers cannot be sure these signals originated from the trapped miners or was another noise source underground. Many miners may still be alive today if technology was employed to signal that they were alive and provide their location to searchers.

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Transportation Category Winner, "Create the Future" 2007 Design Contest

Winner of an HP Workstation Internally Radiating Impulse Structure (IRIS) Engine Corban Tillemann-Dick Tendix LLC Denver, COThe vast majority of internal combustion engines we use for transportation and commerce run at approximately 25% efficiency. Tendix LLC has developed a new family of engines that dramatically enhance fuel efficiency, effectively prolonging the viability of global petroleum reserves, and significantly reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

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Sustainable Technologies Category Winner, "Create the Future" 2007 Design Contest

(Winner of an HP Workstation) LEDTRICITY™ Ted BristowCreative ElectricKailua Kona, HILEDTRICITY™ uses a combination of various electrical principles, unique wiring circuits, and state-of-the-art components to produce a safe, low-voltage/current output. The illumination of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) using the LEDTRICITY system results in the ability to use extremely long, inexpensive wires to illuminate hundreds to thousands of LEDs.

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