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Converting from Hydraulic Cylinders to Electric Actuators
Automating Optimization and Design Tasks Across Disciplines
Vibration Tables Shake Up Aerospace and Car Testing
Supercomputer Cooling System Uses Refrigerant to Replace Water
Computer Chips Calculate and Store in an Integrated Unit
Electron-to-Photon Communication for Quantum Computing
Mechanoresponsive Healing Polymers
Variable Permeability Magnetometer Systems and Methods for Aerospace Applications
Evaluation Standard for Robotic Research

Static vs. Dynamic Detection of Bugs in Safety-Critical Code

In the never-ending quest to produce high-quality software, traditional dynamic testing plays a fundamental role. The weakness of dynamic testing is that it is only as good as the test cases. To be effective, a great deal of effort must go into writing or generating good test cases, and doing so can be very expensive.

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Machine Vision and Smart Cameras: Powerful Tools for Machine Builders

Machine builders in this day and age are part of a fast-growing and rapidly changing industry sector. With vast improvements in commercial off-the-shelf products for measurement and control, as well as falling prices, machine builders can now take advantage of an assortment of powerful tools when implementing their designs, rather than rely on the age-old method of making a custom design for every application.

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Enhancing Image Clarity in the SWIR

A chromatic or color-corrected lenses for use in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum have been addressed in literature, textbooks, and industry journals as early as the 18th Century. Many of these accounts by scientists and optical designers detail a method of selecting two dissimilar materials to form an achromatic pair or doublet with the ability to greatly counter image blurring resulting from the dispersive nature of refractive optical elements. Whether these tried and true optical formulae produce equally successful results in wavelengths beyond the visible range warrants further examination.

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Medical X-Ray Imaging System Improves Patient Diagnosis

For more than 40 years, Italray srl (Florence, Italy) has manufactured radiological equipment for traditional and digital medical applications, as well as computer-assisted systems dedicated to radiological purposes. The company’s solutions — which range from simple mobile x-ray equipment to complete radiology/ fluoroscopy diagnostic installations for traditional and digital radiology applications and angiography — are used in hospitals, universities, private research centers, and nursing homes in Europe and other parts of the world.

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Off-the-shelf Components Upgrade Analog X-ray Equipment

The discovery of X-rays was first reported at the end of 1895 when Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen was conducting experiments with electrostatic charges and cathode ray tubes. In 2008, we have such medical imaging technology as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or positron emission topography (PET). It might sound as though x-rays are antiquated. But they’re not.

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TFT LCD Display

AZ Displays, Aliso Viejo, CA, has released the PD057VT1, a 5.7-inch digital active matrix TFT panel display. The PD057VT1 display is compatible with computer screen formats and has full Video Graphics Array/VGA (640 × 480 dot) resolution. The display has a “stripe” pixel configuration, a TTL interface, and 262, 144 colors. The module size is 144.0 × 104.6 × 13.0 mm, with a viewing area of 118.4 × 89.6 mm.

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DGy Codecs

RGB Spectrum, Alameda, CA, introduces the DGy® 201x and 301x codecs, ideal digital recording and streaming solutions for demanding, mission critical missions. DGy codecs record, transmit, and stream high scan rate images at up to 1600 × 1200 pixel resolution. Both models offer multicast streaming with bandwidth-efficient interframe compression. The codecs support computer, radar, sonar, FLIR, X-Ray, HD, optional HD-SDI, and stereo audio.

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Vision-Based Wafer Pre-Aligner

Cognex Corporation, Natick, MA, offers the In-Sight® 1820 vision-based wafer pre-aligner. Utilizing proprietary Cognex Notch-MaxTM alignment technology, the 1820 vision system provides precise non-contact measurement of wafer position and orientation in less than half a second. Mechanical pre-aligners must typically spin wafers for several seconds.

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Inspection Zoom Lens

Edmund Optics®, Barrington, NJ, has released the VZMTM 100i series parafocal zoom lens systems for video cameras. Ideal for inspection systems needing to handle many objects without changing working distance, the VZM 100i features a compact 28mm diameter removable mount with optional zoom lock adapter, and works with camera sensors as large as 2/3-inch.

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Sunlight-Readable TFT Modules

Phoenix Display International (PDI), Tempe, AZ, has introduced a line of sunlight-readable 5.7-inch TFTs with QVGA (320 x 240) resolution. The modules have improved contrast, color saturation, and response time over CSTN products. PDI offers the 5.7" QVGA as a standard transmissive module with or without a touchscreen.

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