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3D Printed Rapid Tools for Injection Molding

Creating injection molds may be costly and inefficient when it comes to small batch manufacturing. 3D Printing has made it feasible to quickly create custom injection molds that produce low volumes of parts in the final production plastic.

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Would you eat 3D-printed food?

This week's Question: A startup company, Natural Machines, has introduced a 3D printer called Foodini. The technology creates food with stainless steel capsules and edible, fresh ingredients. The microwave‑oven‑sized Foodini, displayed during Dublin's Web Summit technology conference last week, serves as a miniature food manufacturing plant. The company is currently working with major food manufacturers to create pre‑packaged plastic capsules that can be loaded into the machine. At present, the device only prints the food, which must be then cooked as usual. A future model, however, will also perform the preparation and produce ready‑to‑eat food. What do you think? Would you eat 3D‑printed food?

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White Light LED Source

Excelitas Technologies Corp. (Waltham, MA) recently announced the X-Cite® 110LED, a new compact white light LED source for fluorescence imaging applications. Using liquid light guide coupling, X‑Cite 110LED delivers broad‑spectrum optical power with exceptional field uniformity at the specimen level via manual, personal computer (PC) and TTL control. An electronic shutter provides fast, sub‑millisecond operation enabling precision in vibration‑sensitive imaging experiments. Providing excitation for DAPI, GFP, mCherry, Cy5 and other commonly used fluorophores, the X‑Cite 110LED is suitable for use on compound or stereomicroscopes. The instant LED on/off capability minimizes photobleaching and phototoxicity in specimens while offering ultra‑fast PC control and TTL triggering. www.excelitas.com

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Single Photon Counting Modules

Laser Components' (Hudson, NH) COUNT® single photon counting modules (SPCM) achieve a quantum efficiency of over 70% in the red region and a significantly higher quantum efficiency in the blue spectral range. In addition, these modules are perfectly suited for measurements across the entire wavelength range from 400‑1000 nm. Laser Components has reduced the dead time of the COUNT® photon counters down to 42 ns — the previous dead time was 55 ns. This results in a maximum count rate of more than 23 MHz. In addition, the tolerance range of the supply voltage has increased. This allows the COUNT® module to react less sensitively to voltage peaks and small deviations in the supply voltage. The detectors are operated at 12 V. www.lasercomponents.com/de-en/product/single-photon-counting-modules/

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High-Res Line Camera Measures Magnetic Fields in Real Time

Scientists have developed a high‑resolution magnetic line camera to measure magnetic fields in real time. Field lines in magnetic systems such as generators or motors that are invisible to the human eye can be made visible using this camera. It is especially suitable for industrial applications in quality assurance during the manufacture of magnets.

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Sensors Monitor Dangerous Hits on the Football Field

In football, a tackle can supply 100 Gs of force or more, well above the amount that can cause a concussion and more than 10 times the force of an F‑16 jet roll maneuver. University of Florida (UF) researchers are using the helmets of Gator football players to help measure the force of on‑field hits to better understand and prevent concussions, and treat them before they cause lasting damage.

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Accelerate Medical Device Innovation By Removing the Risk of Quality Failure

Medical device manufacturers are faced with the challenge of bringing new products to market faster and in an ever more demanding regulatory environment.

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